Cupcakes are as popular as ever.  At DeniseBakesCakes, we have a range of tempting flavours for you.  Our cupcakes can also be customised.
Prices start from £20 for a minimum of 12 cupcakes.


Cupcakes are available in the following flavours:

Vanilla Premier
Vanila Sponge topped with vanilla buttercream.

Lemon Tastic
Lemon Sponge topped with lemon flavour buttercream and a sugared lemon slice.

L'Orange Choc
Chocolate Sponge topped with orange flavoured buttercream and topped with sugared orange jelly slice.

Mint Deluxe
Chocolate Sponge with mint flavoured buttercream and topped with an After Eight® mint

Vanilla Sponge topped with vanilla buttercream and melted Caramac®.

Chocolate and Baileys
Chocolate Sponge topped with Baileys buttercream.  Decorated with Chocolate sprinkles.